Summary of My PhD Dissertation Proposal: Exploring Ecstatic Experience Examined Through the Evocative Technology of Gospel Choir

  • The role of the anointed soloist; using the voice as instrument of emotive invocation (Southern, 1983; Burnim, 2006).
  • using vocal repetitive rhythmic resonant entrancing/entraining “induction” such as chanting;
    • focusing intention with absolute belief and expectation on the result wanted as if it has already happened, which we can call “affirmation” or “expectant faith”;
    • using the heart, the strongest generating organ of electromagnetic fields in the body and focusing on the emotions that create the greatest rhythmic coherence of the heart field — forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude — to build the strongest coherent electromagnetic field possible in each healer;
    • establishing, through resonant entrainment (synchronization), a coherent combined group resonant field of “one accord,” which involves, by definition a frequency shift;
    • thus entraining the field of the patient into the larger, more coherent group field of the healers; and
    • facilitating the surrender of the ego to a source of higher authority; thus creating a larger, stronger field (or pattern) of healing and grace.




Theomusicologist and Somatic Psychotherapist

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Sharon Alexander

Sharon Alexander

Theomusicologist and Somatic Psychotherapist

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